Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake For The Win

Y’all, last night we had the best dinner at my father in law’s with the family, my future brother in law and his family came too. We had the best time eating, talking, and laughing! Before we went yesterday I decided last minute I was going to make a dessert and see what the feedback was on it. I’ve had the idea of this for a bit, but, I couldn’t find a recipe for it anywhere that was ‘exactly’ what I pictured. I came up with this from more of a ‘trial recipe’ point of view, and I knew even if it wasn’t ‘blog worthy’ it would probably taste decent, so you can imagine my excitement when it actually turned out! It was super good and so easy to make and even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it, it was still pretty, and everyone loved it!! Now, I’m a huge fan of the whole lemon and blueberry combo, if you don’t like it you can omit the lemon aspect of it. I say this because my husband isn’t a huge lemon fan but he actually liked this one pretty well, because the lemon flavor isn’t really overpowering in this cake. If you don’t have a bundt pan, I highly recommend getting this one just because it works super well for me and it’s actually pretty great at being truly ‘non stick’  when sprayed. I think you’ll really like this cake, it was a big hit for me and I’ll definitely be making it again soon!


Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake


1 box of lemon cake mix, prepared as the box says- I used this one

1 can of blueberry pie filling

1 greased bundt pan again, I like this one



Take 1/3 of the blueberry pie filling and put a even layer inside the greased bundt pan

Cover the blueberry filling with 1/2 of the prepared cake mix

Place the remaining pie filling on top of the cake mix

Pour the remaining pie filling over the blueberry pie filling

Bake for about 35-38 minutes or until done

Let the cake cool for about 5 minutes, carefully flip the cake onto a plate or a cake stand

Serve when slightly cooled with some vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream and ENJOY!!

NOTE: To check to see if the cake is cooked insert a toothpick into the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean it’s finished

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