Chicken Fajitas that your whole family will love!

Hey Y’all! Have you ever made fajitas before? If the answer is no, you TOTALLY should be making these instead of just typical tacos for dinner!! I had never made fajitas at home before (successfully, anyway) until we did one of those food subscription boxes and I got the ingredients and a recipe for them in it. Guys, I had NO idea how easy fajitas were to actually make, after we stopped the subscription box, I kind of tweaked the recipe and made it my own version with more accessible ingredients. I absolutely love the way these turn out and I think part of that is not using the packaged taco seasoning. I started using my own seasonings instead of a pre-packaged seasoning when I didn’t realize I was out of the packets, now, you could make a bunch of it at a time and store it in n air tight container.  I don’t make and store it mostly because I use the spices in it more frequently than I would use them together. I made these chicken fajitas for dinner with my in laws the other night and they loved them just as much as my husband and daughter always do. Now, the recipe I made the other night was for a crowd of people, so, unless you want to be eating leftovers for a few days or have a family larger than 5 people. Also, I cook these in this AMAZING thing called a rock crock from pampered chef and it is a GAME CHANGER!  It is a little pricey, but, its totally worth it and totally versatile and it’s dishwasher safe! If y’all have kids at home, especially the picky eating toddlers, try this recipe to get them to eat their veggies! My kiddo is thankfully a great eater when it comes to veggies, she just doesn’t eat a ton of anything, but she loves these fajitas as long as they aren’t in a tortilla shell!


Chicken Fajitas


1 family size pack of chicken tenderloins (like this)

2 Small-medium size red onions

2-3 Bell peppers

1 cup of sliced grape tomatoes

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp chili powder

2 tsp black pepper

2 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp olive oil



Pour the olive oil in the pan and place on medium-high heat

Cut the onions and peppers into small strips  and remove seeds

Place in the pan and start sauteing them in the oil- stirring frequently

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces and place in the pan with peppers and onions

Cook the chicken until cooked through

Add the sliced tomatoes to the mix and stir gently

Towards the end of cooking add all the spices in at once and stir to coat all of the chicken and veggies evenly

Cook all of the ingredients together until they are well combined and coated in the seasonings

Serve with or without tortillas and enjoy!

Note: Depending on the amount of ingredients and the cooking temp, you may need to add water to the dish to keep it from burning or sticking to the bottom. If water is needed, add it 1/4 cup at a time and let the excess liquid cook off before serving




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