Winner Winner Super Simple Chicken Dinner

Last week we had my absolute best friend and her son up from Birmingham, AL to visit us and it was the best! First of all, when they moved down there, it was SO hard on me and my family, I say that like not seeing her or her kids everyday has gotten easier andddd it hasn’t, really. Anyway, when they get a chance to come visit it’s the best, we usually go out to eat because it’s easier and they usually aren’t here for very long. Well. Thursday, we had planned on going to have a pool day with the kiddos and it rained, so we went to the bounce house place and they had a blast, then we headed to the pool… andddd it started to thunder. SO we came home and hooked the sprinkler up (in the front yard) and we had the best time with us and the kids playing in the sprinkler, even though we looked ridiculous! So we decided to cook that night so that we could just take our showers and not have to leave the house again. I decided on chicken, her son wanted corn on the cob, and we had some Mac and cheese! The chicken was kinda inspired by the Alice springs chicken from outback, loosely, but still. It’s probably my favorite thing on the menu there, but I didn’t have everything to make a ‘copycat’ recipe, so I made up a version of it myself! It was super easy and since I cooked the chicken breasts in the instant pot before, it was even easier! I hope y’all enjoy this as much as we did! It was a total hit! Even with the kiddos!!

Easy Cheesy Chicken


6 cooked chicken breasts

1.5-2 cups of Colby jack cheese

6 pieces of crispy bacon

4 tbsp stone ground mustard

4 tbsp Dijon mustard


Place cooked chicken breast in a 9x13in casserole dish

Mix the 2 mustards together in a small dish and spread over the chicken breasts

Place 1 piece of bacon on each chicken breast

Cover each piece of chicken completely with cheese

Bake in a 450°f oven until cheese is melted and bubbling

That’s it! It’s so simple and delicious!


If you’re using an instant pot, I cover my frozen chicken with water and pressure cook it on high pressure for 25 minutes then do a quick release.

You can also cook thawed chicken in the oven with all the toppings on it for 30-45 minutes at 400°f

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