Super simple whole chicken

Okay, have y’all ever made a whole chicken? If you haven’t let me just tell you that I’ve made them before, but, it’s rare because they are definitely a labor of love. It’s awkward to handle, it’s heavy-ish, it takes forever to cook in the oven, and the best way to cook them in the oven is with a bundt cake pan and that thing is HARD to clean after you’ve cooked a chicken in it. SO, all that being said, they are so so good, but until now, they’ve just been a pain to cook, so I didn’t. Well, when I was ordering my groceries from Walmart (which I almost always do because they have FREE drive-up service and they bring it to my car and put it all in for me) I saw this 2 pack of whole chickens for something like $10-$12 and that intrigued me because that’s a super cheap few meals for my little family. First of all, I’d like to say that typically ordering my groceries keeps me from impulsively buying things we don’t need, but, this was a good deal and I honestly just figured I could suck it up that they were a pain to cook. When I got home, my husband and daughter were sitting on the couch having some daddy daughter time, and as I was putting up the groceries I asked him what he wanted for dinner since my handy dandy instant pot has a slow cook feature too, I named off things and he picked the whole chicken. Our daughter LOVES chicken and turkey, so, I knew it was something that she would eat with no problem too, so that made my future labor of love that much easier. Then, I started looking up recipes for cooking a whole chicken in the instant pot, and they all had these elaborate recipes where you pressure cooked the chicken for how ever long based on the weight, and I’m SURE they’re great recipes, but I didn’t want to do all that, I was really just wanting to slow cook it basically. So, I’ve made a few of the young whole turkeys and turkey breasts in my crock pot and they were great, so, I decided to implement some of those tricks for this guy. This recipe turned out sooo perfect, it was literally falling apart when I took it out of the instant pot, I will absolutely be making this chicken again, it was a hit with my little family!!



Super Simple Whole Chicken


1 whole chicken- prepped to cook

1 stick of salted butter

2 tsp minced garlic

2 tsp lemon pepper seasoning

salt and pepper to taste



Place the chicken in the instant pot placed legs up on the steam rack

Lift the skin and put half the stick of butter sliced into thin pieces in between the skin and meat

In a small microwavable bowl soften the rest of the butter, add the garlic and lemon pepper and mix well

Brush the butter mixture all over the chicken, including inside the cavity

Put the instant pot on the slow cook setting and cook for 7-8 hours OR cook in the crock pot for 7-8 hours on low heat

Once the chicken is fully cooked, remove it from the pot and put it on a sheet tray and pour the accumulated liquid over it.

Put the chicken in the oven under the low setting for broil for 15 minutes (if your oven only has one broil setting, you will only do about 5-7 minutes, just to brown the outside) then flip the bird over and do the same thing to the other side

Serve and Enjoy!!

Also, if you’ve never tried the Walmart grocery pickup, you can use this code for $10 off your first order! It’s seriously amazing and I have loved it every time I’ve done it, it’s great for busy parents who HATE to take their kids into the grocery store!


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