New Family Favorite- Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup

Alright y’all, I got the idea for this soup on TikTok and I am SO glad I tried it. Now, as usual, this isn’t any exact recipe that I actually followed so, I’ll do my best to give you a recipe. So, my in laws, husband, and daughter all liked this recipe, big win on my part, right? My mother in law actually said this is her new favorite (internally celebrating)! I was super impressed with how this soup actually came out, and if you’re wondering “how good can it be?” there are NO leftovers! One more thing, if you’ve never used the Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, PLEASE get some, they are a GAME CHANGER for cleaning up a crockpot!! I’m super excited to share this with you! Here’s the first ‘TikTok made me do it’ recipe! Also, heads up, this is a lot of ingredients BUT it is super easy I promise!

Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup


1 pound of ground Italian sausage

28oz can of whole peeled tomatoes

8oz block of cream cheese

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

6oz can of tomato paste

16oz of tortellini pasta

2 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp each of onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning

1 tbsp of salt

1 tsp of red pepper flakes (optional)

10oz bag of fresh spinach

32oz Chicken Broth

2 beef bullion cubes


Cook your sausage, I cooked mine in my crock pot on high for about an hour, but you can totally brown it in a pan, I just wasn’t in a hurry

after your sausage is cooked, combine it with the chicken broth and the can of tomato paste and stir well to dissolve any clumps of the tomato paste then, let it cook together on high for about 20-30 minutes

separate the whole tomatoes and crush them up, (and yes, this is different than just buying crushed tomatoes) then add them in

add the garlic, the bullion cubes, seasonings, the whipping cream, and the cream cheese and let it cook on low for about an hour

stir the soup mixture together and add the tortellini, cook again on low for about an hour

after the pasta is cooked, add the spinach and stir it in until it’s completely wilted

I decided to serve ours topped with asiago cheese, but cheese is totally optional


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